Migration from Jet 0.x

Toolchain and App

  • Setup the wjet tool from the link.

  • Create a new webix-jet app using:

mkdir new-app // this will be your new application folder when migration is finished.
cd new-app
wjet init
npm install
  • In your original app, create the sources folder and move all the dev files there ( app.js, models/, views/, helpers/, etc. ).

  • Copy the app.js file from new-app you created above to the sources folder. If you have any custom code in your original app.js then copy that in the newer app.js too.

  • Copy the sources folder to the new-app.

  • Make sure that there is the locales folder with you localization files in new-app. Check this repo for example.

  • run the app.

npm start
  • open the app at localhost:5173.


  • If something goes wrong, use the starter jet repo as the base for migration and replace the sources folder as above.

Migrating views

Jet 1.x can recognize old configuration objects and use them correctly, so you will not need to change anything in a common case. There are still some scenarios when you will need to change the code:

View has "app" as dependency

Change object to JetView-based class and use this.app instead of app.

View is using locale

Change object to JetView and use this.getService('locale') instead of locale.

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